Strong Self Confidence Benefits

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There are many great benefits about exercise and building a stronger self confidence is another benefit. Having self confidence can make a person look at the world filled with challenges to face. A person filled with confidence is more likely to pursue their goals and take higher risks than others. Exercising fills the body with energy making a persons body feel like it can “overcome obstacles” (Nikitina). As a person exercises their muscles become stronger giving a better physical appearance. Even if a person may not lose all the weight they might have expected, muscles are becoming firm and toning themselfs which will give one’s mind a boost of self confidence. Each day a person works out their muscles become stronger allowing them to lift heavier weights or have a better resistance. Not only does it give physical strength but also mental strength because as a person sees their body improving it gives them a sense of accomplishment for their hard work. (Nikitina) Many young people may have body problems which leads them to encounter a bulimia or an anorexia disorder. People who have a bulimia disorder believe that they are overweight. The way they avoid becoming overweight is by vomiting the food they have eaten after each meal. This can leave the body without the essential nutrients the body requires leading the body to a more serious illness. People who have an anorexia disorder tend to starve themselves to avoid being overweight. Both anorexia and bulimia are serious conditions with similar…show more content…
The human body can prevent chronic diseases, minor illness, disorders, improve mental health, and keep a person in shape. There is no need to spend hours at the gym or only eat fruits and vegetables, incorporating small amounts of exercise and laying back on soft drinks, candy, fried foods and avoiding fast food places can improve a person’s health and body

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