Narrative Essay About Courage In My Life

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Courage, the ability to do something that frightens one. If only it were that easy. However, there was one day, during math, that I had decided to build up the courage to do something I had never done before. I, Michael Peña, was about to write my own history. I was going to ask my crush to be my girlfriend. Even though it had not went well, my mother was there to bring me up after I had just humiliated myself in front of a girl that I had liked for quite a while. She made me realize that confidence and courage play an essential role in receiving what you are passionate to recieve. It was Tuesday, but this Tuesday didn’t feel like every other normal day that I experience at school. I had been pretty depressed a few weeks before that day. I had felt that I had just wanted to jump out of the old layer of gloom and enter a layer of happiness and sunshine. The beginning of my Tuesday started in Madrigals, the usual to every day of my sophomore year. I had felt like…show more content…
I thanked her for the ride and went to unlock the door. After realizing that I completely forgot my key, I felt like a bigger moron. I waited until 3:30 because that was when my mom would come home with my brother. I told her everything that happened in my day at school. I was hesitant to tell her about what happened after school with my crush because I thought she would be completely shocked that I would do something like that. I told her anyway, and she was pretty calm about it. She then went on this big tangent about how confidence and courage are big steps to take to get what you desire. She then told me something that I will never forget: “I’m proud of you son. I am proud of you because you took those steps to get what you wanted.” Those words got me thinking about how proud I was of myself because I did take those steps to get what I wanted. I did not get the result I was hoping for, but I am going to keep
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