How To Burning Montag's House Up In Fahrenheit 451

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As we all know, everyone is different in their own way. Throughout the novel, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, Montag faced many situations and one of them was being caught with books and having his house burnt down by Captain Beatty. A handful of justifications on why it was right for Beatty to burn Montag’s house down is because the Mechanical hound knew that Montag had books in his house, Beatty was doing his job and Millie also knew he had books and didn’t want to get in trouble as well. Even though Montag was a fireman and knew what would happen if he was caught with books, he still hid the books anyway and tried to get away with it. In the beginning, the hound caused everyone to sense that it was precisely watching Montag do all of the actions he did. At first glance no one knew what the hound representantes until Beatty was called to Montag 's house for having books. At the beginning of the book, Montag was skeptical of the hound watching him and knowing he had books in his house. In his novel, Bradbury discusses what Mildred was thinking if they were caught for having books. When Mildred turned Montag in for having the books, “she knew that her TVs and her “family” would be gone because their house would be burnt down”(Bradbury 108). At the end of the book, Montag knew the hound was watching him every move he made and knew he had to kill it for him to escape.…show more content…
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