How To Change Alpena Essay

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Many people would love to change Alpena’s community. Alpena is a very phenomenal place right on the shore of Lake Huron, but it has many weaknesses. Imagine a place where everyone knows their neighbor by their first name and they all get along, that is not Alpena. This community that I call my home would be perfect through my eyes if it had three simple changes to make it more friendly. I would change Alpena so it would have more money and a positive reputation to the state and the world around us. There are issues that I would solve to make Alpena a beloved area. The main goal is to bring everyone in the society together, to give a positive attitude and mindset to our areas around us. I would first work on this by getting more people in the community to volunteer. In our society there are many lazy people who do not want to contribute to make the city a better place. If little by little people started to volunteer then it would end up to where a great deal of people would volunteer. It is the little…show more content…
I would take out those stores and bring in more popular ones that people are more interested in. Having these stores would bring in more people from surrounding areas, bringing in more money for our city. Alpena has wonderful scenery that brings in attraction. If we had more activities for people to do, it would bring even more attraction allowing more money for our city also. Adding stores or more attraction to Alpena would help to bring in more money to our city. Being involved in your community and being a change that people want to see is fantastic and allows the place we call home to grow. Instead of waiting for someone to be the change, make that person who’s making the change be you. You should do more volunteering, more activities to meet new people, and so much more. Not every city or state is going to be perfect but it’s always worth a
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