How To Change America In The 1960's

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In the 1960s, America as a whole was experiencing a tumultuous time in its long history. The Vietnam War, the rebellious youth, the civil rights movement, the feminist movement. The list goes on and on. The voices of Bob Dylan and The Beatles encouraged the youth to attempt to change their world. A new age was ushered in. Since I was a young girl, I dreamed of being born in the early 1940s so I could come of age in the swinging sixties. Even at that early age, I knew I was interested in social change. I would have whole heartedly thrown myself into freedom rides, and protests of the Vietnam War on college campuses, and bra burning. Countless young people nowadays wish they could return to the sixties, to a time they perceive as simpler and kinder. They forget the terrible inequality of the time. They forget the racism, sexism, and war that engulfed the sixties. But I always remembered this. I wish I could have seen the sweeping changes young people caused throughout the country. I would have participated, as I do now, in helping change the world.…show more content…
As a young woman, I am a proud feminist fighting against the injustices not only here, but in all parts of the world. I am a firm believer in equality for all. I celebrated the recent Gay Marriage Supreme Court ruling as energetically as any gay or lesbian person. Because even though I could have married anyone I wanted (because I’m straight), it was a terrible injustice others didn’t have that right. Even though I missed my decade by around fifty years, I seek the same goals they did. I want to change my world in a positive manner. The spirit of the sixties is alive and well in my choices and
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