How To Change School Lunches

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When it comes to how the students feel about this change, there have been many disagreements about the new school lunches. It is reported that many students have begun to bring their own lunches to school or have chosen not to eat. This outrage has been caught by news channels including US News and Fox News, which shows the reaction of students and families regarding the change of school lunches. It is said that students have begun declining lunches but according to Turner & Chaloupka (2014), “Although 13.7% of respondents ‘‘strongly agreed’’ that at first students complained about the meals, 63.2% also agreed or strongly agreed that most students are no longer concerned about the meals” (Turner & Chaloupka, p. 353). In other words, in the beginning of the study, students were complaining about the school lunches that were given but after they became more familiar with it, they complained less.…show more content…
The “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010” was created to decrease the percentage of obesity of children in America by creating healthy, nutritional school lunches which are provided for children during the school day. Not only are their more variety of fruits and vegetables, students are given more nutritional lunches to help promote development and growth in many areas such as cognitively and physically. It is important for educators and parents to understand that children need nutritional and healthy diets in order to develop. Not only is this act creating a healthier short-term solution by decreasing obesity, but it also is helping equip students with the knowledge and eating habits in order to stay healthy as they continue to
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