How To Change Your Life Essay

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People’s lives can change in many different way and for many different reasons. They may change due to positive influences, such as a great teacher or coach, or negative things, such as physical injuries or family issues. While many positive and negatives things happen to each of us every day, the biggest way that they shape us is in the way in which we respond to them. Throughout high school, I have changed as a person tremendously, and I attribute most of that to the education I have received at Liberty-Benton High School. That education has also made me realize the value of life-long learning. My education has contributed to the person I am today in many different ways. One of the most important ways that it has changed me is that it has…show more content…
It is important to continue learning to grow both professionally and personally. In my future occupation as an actuary, there are a series of exams that need to be passed in order to move up in the business and become more desirable. The studying for these exams often takes place for up to ten years following college, and they are more than worth the time. They will allow me to branch out in what I am able to do professionally, and will allow me to make a larger income. While continued education is appealing for professional reasons, it is also very important for my personal life. Personally, there are many ways in which I would like to learn and grow. Life-long education is very valuable because I find learning new things interesting, which will drive me to learn more and more as I grow older. I am always looking up new things on Google out of curiosity in order to entertain myself, and I find it very exciting to be able to learn new things so easily. With an endless amount of information out there, I know that I will continue learning throughout my life. Aside from learning information, it is also crucial that I learn personal skills as
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