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How I Grew Back My Balding Edges
By Tiffani

Before wearing my hair in its natural hair texture, I was used to hair extensions and weaves. My hair is naturally fine, and the extensions and weaves made my hair look thicker. Everyone has their go-to styles and mine were braids. I would have them in a bun atop my head. Other favorites were weave ponytails and wigs both half and full.
The quick weave was my favorite choice of style. The amount of unnecessary damage I did to my hair is huge. Looking back, I cannot believe I did that to my hair. The process entails slicking down the hair with a thick gel then let it dry. It will be completely hard when this happen. You will then use a specific hair glue to attach the weave hair into your existing hair. That is a lot.
After some time of
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But I did not have a set routine, I just knew I had to make a change. When I started making a few changes and setting up a hair care routine, I was surprised by the overall benefits. Not only did it look healthier, but it was longer and thicker in just a few months.
This is how I did it.
1. Avoiding Any And All Unnecessary Tension

The first step was to identify the style that put my hair under stress and tension. Once I knew, I made sure to stop doing them. The biggest culprit for me were braids. This is because my stylist made them super tight, to make them last. The problem is this caused my edges to constantly be under stress. For the first week it was impossible to touch my head without wincing because of how tight they were.

2. Properly Caring For Your Hair

I was guilty of not looking after my hair. On top of all the damage I had caused to my hair with the quick weave style, I sometimes just pulled the tracks out not using any hair glue removal mixture. I would even remove them in the shower while my hair was wet, using the

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