How To Choose A Nail Gun Essay

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How to Choose a Nail Gun If you are planning to work on a project that requires nailing, then you will need a decent nail gun. As you may have probably seen, there are dozens of nail guns on the Internet. Often, it can be difficult to choose a proper nail gun that suited for the right job. Nail guns are specialized nailing power tools. Many times, their names will signify to you what their specialty is. For example, a flooring nail gun will be inappropriate for a roofing job. In this brief and concise guide, we will show you exactly what the most common types of nail guns are. Hopefully, this will help you make a decision about the kind of nail gun you will need. - Air Nail Guns are The Most Common The most common type of nailer you…show more content…
If you are looking for a nailer for general woodworking, then we recommend you buy one that is at least 100 PSI. It will have enough power to nail almost anything, but not be overwhelmingly powerful to destroy the material it nails. The pressure is also adjustable in most models, so play a bit with it. - The Gauge An important factor when choosing a nail gun is the gauge size. A professional might want to have all gauges at their disposal. But as a homeowner, which one do you choose? Gauge works exactly as your electrical wire. The higher the gauge, the thinner the nail. A 15ga nail gun can fire bigger nails than a 23ga nail gun. The 15ga and 16ga nail gun are the most popular and versatile nailers you will find. But the nail size, of course, depends on what you will nail. Choose one that is appropriate for the material you are working on. Remember that a nail too big will most likely shatter wood that is too thin. - Anti-Jam Mechanism Not the kind of jam you are thinking of, a good nail gun needs to have a good mechanism to help (1) prevent jams (2) fix a jam. Sooner or later, a nail will get stuck due to misfire, so your nailer needs to make provisions for
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