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Quick Guide to Choosing Running Shoes Choosing running shoes is an important part when it comes to training, but maybe we eat a lot of head with it. We can write extensively about it (and we will), but a good start is to make clear the bases in the choice of the shoe. Be honest with yourself The first thing you have to do is ask yourself, " Am I good? ". I mean, do I have a clean technique? Do I have the muscles ready? As I get tired, do I neglect the technique? Nothing happens if you run bad, we spent most of our lives wearing cushioned shoes and adopting vices that should not be there, so you have to resort to a cushioned shoes and start improving running technique . If you run well, congratulations, you'll be less likely to injure yourself…show more content…
Right now adidas, with the Continental sole is at the top in this aspect, but there are many other sneakers that perfectly fit in these conditions. Is the shoe perfect for everyone? No, and if someone says it, he's lying. There are not two feet alike and that's why there are so many types of sneakers. A model may be better or worse for a typical user, but if that runner uses a good shoe that does not fit within his segment, it is likely to be worse than the worst that is appropriate for him or her. There is a lot of innovation in the world of sneakers, and more lately that running has grown in popularity, but there is no perfection. It is best to determine your characteristics and choose from the full range of possibilities. With a little effort you will soon find some shoes that fit you. And as he put until recently Joma in his boxes: " Exgurete to yourself what you demand to your sneakers " And now that you know how to choose your sneakers, look for them in Runnics and find them cheaper than anywhere

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