How To Colonize Mars

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We have only successfully completed Mars missions 16 out of 39 times. Mars should not be colonized. To colonize Mars is not a good idea. The trip to Mars would take about eight or nine months, and it is approximately 140million miles away from Earth. Sending people to Mars is not a good idea since it is so risky, unsafe, and a one way trip. It is too risky to colonize Mars. For example, here on Earth we are protected by a magnetic field surrounding our planet. In space if exposed to radiation, the effects could be memory loss, brain damage, and cancer. Colonists would have to have something like a shield for the trip to Mars, and for when they get on Mars. Mars does have water, however the water is frozen underground and most likely has toxic chemicals. Scientists don’t know how the water could be harvested and purified to make it safe for drinking, and to ship breathable air from Earth would be too slow and expensive. In addition, Mars average temperature is -81 degrees, and although it does get warmer in the summer near the equator, it is deathly cold most of the time. Mars is smaller than Earth which means it has less gravity. The small amount of gravity would allow humans to run…show more content…
Our budget for colonizing Mars is six billion dollars, that’s about how much one trip to Mars would cost. Therefore with our budget being six billion dollars, we can only afford a one way trip. Lives are far more important than having more space. To risk hurting our own kind, and then let them die after doing a great thing for this world would be cruel. In addition, since Mars is so dangerous, the colonists that go to Mars could die or catch a disease on the trip to Mars. Mars is 140million miles away, and it would take nine months to get to Mars. Being stuck in a small, dangerous place for nine months knowing you could get easily hurt and that you’re going to die soon would not be fun. Therefore it would not be fun or ok to send people to
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