How To Create A Dystopian Society In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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Ayn Rand was born into a wealthy family in Russia. Life was impressive until the Soviets came into power and took away all her family's wealth. She went from living a happy, comfortable life to struggling and almost starving to death. Ayn Rand had the perspective of seeing both capitalism and communism first hand. Communism destroyed her comfortable way of life and inspired her to write the book Anthem. It was written to educate the reader on the evils of communism and what could become of a society that adopted that form of government. The book portrayed what Russia was like and compared it to a dystopian society. Not only was she portraying Russia but she also made a strong statement to educate the reader of what could become of the individual…show more content…
No one has challenged the ideas because they don’t have their own voice and cannot outwardly speak and don’t feel the need to because there is no motivation. If there’s no competition to do one’s job to the best of their ability no one will feel motivated and feel the need to change anything. For example in the book it doesn’t matter in society’s eyes if you have a low ranking job or you are part of a house such as the House of Scholars but in Equality’s eyes he wanted more. Not only that but they don’t know any better due to the fact that the Council is almighty powerful. The Council is the one and only brain of the society that can actually function. It is stated by Equality 7-2521 that, “But the Council of Scholars has said that there are no mysteries, and the Council of Scholars knows all things. And we learned much from our Teachers. We learned that the earth is flat and that the sun revolves around it, which causes the day and the night,” (7). The Council gives them knowledge and the rest of society takes that knowledge in, remembers it and then moves on in life to things such as jobs. They do the work for their brothers, then go to sleep and repeat for the rest of their lives which doesn’t sound too different than our society except everyone is free and can make their own decisions. For example, the license plate for New Hampshire says, “Live Free or Die,” which is a motto that Equality 7-2521 would live by if he lived in the real world today because of how driven he is to have his own freedom in the
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