How To Date A Browngirl Analysis

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Within the latino culture, the older generations take it upon themselves to guide and advise the younger generations. They do so by either sharing an anecdote and adding analytical notes or simply by telling you what to do. These concepts are represented through the short stories “Junito,” by Luis Negron and “How to Date a Browngirl” by Junot Diaz. In both of these pieces, the narrator gives advice to a young latino male, however, through the use of both first person and second person narrative and explicit diction, Negron’s piece was more realistic while Diaz’s piece is more on the side of satire due to the use of only second person narrative and hints of sarcasm. In Negron’s short story, the plot begins with the narrator, most likely a man of latino heritage, speaking to Junito, a young latino boy. The conversation consists of the narrator talking to Junito about his life and its current circumstances, then being interrupted a few times by outsiders, to a bit of lecturing on life opportunities. A lot of the lecturing appeared to be some type of reflection based on the narrator’s personal experiences. After discussing his reasoning for escaping their current location, the narrator says to Junito,…show more content…
In “Junito,” by Luis Negron, the narrative purposely switched back and forth from first person and second person narrative in order to effectively present a personal anecdote to then follow up with some advice of his own. This helped create a very realistic tone throughout the entire piece. In regards to “How to Date a Browngirl” by Junot Diaz, the narration of the piece remained in second person. As a result of this, the commands presented to the latino male came across as humorous or ridicule, creating a satire piece. Although both pieces carried different messages and were presented differently, they were done so
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