How To Dehumanize Native Americans

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Hundreds of years that Native Americans have been oppressed and ignored, killed and forced onto tiny reservations, being demoted to savages and only half humans, and now they are printed onto football helmets. Most people do not even think of this, today black racism is the largest thing we see circulating the internet along with gender equality. But at least we are going somewhere with that, with things such as black history month, and teaching most kids from a very young age in school about slavery. When is the last time you heard about the reservations that Indians live on now? It is most likely not very recently, because we know that they have been very mistreated in the past, but most seem to think that this is a things of the past, that it isn’t a problem anymore. Well, unfortunately that is not what happened. And this incredibly racist culture around them proves it.…show more content…
Or maybe you think of them galavanting through the forest, at harmony with all of nature. Instead we stuck them on reservations full of poverty, alcoholics, where they are trying to save their culture but also keep their culture, with little help from the government. This is why it is such a huge deal to see the Redskins as a football team mascot, mocking and dehumanizing these Indians who have already had enough. This is the type of thing we are going to look back on and feel bad, like how we look back on black country and feel bad and realize our mistakes about them not being human, and treating them so badly. This football team is huge, and many people know and hear about it on a daily basis. It is important that Native Americans get the respect they deserve after all this time, how can we still expect to mock a culture we do not even know, and just expect to roll with it? It has to get better than

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