How To Describe A Happy Place Essay

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Topic: U.S Forces stationed in Iraq Bright lights pelted and illuminated the dark sky. In the late hours of the cold evening, the soldiers and their commander barricaded themselves in a dilapidated four-story building, windows blown out, walls covered with bullet holes and plaster strewn on the stained concrete floor. The rapid fire of machine guns and huge explosions from bombs echoed against the bare walls. It muffled the orders given by the commander. A rocket bomb hit the adjacent building and the concussion from the explosion rattled the building and knocked everyone off their feet. The dust and smoke clouded the air, making it almost impossible to see. The sound of approaching tanks rumbled down the street, as well as shouts of military commands spoken in Arabic. 2. Write a paragraph describing a happy place. Topic: New Year’s Eve in Time Square On the last day of December, a bitter cold evening in New York City, people - young and old - packed together like sardines, huddling for warmth, cheering and waving their noisemakers to gain the attention of the media cameras. Performances from music idols blasted from the massive speakers on stage and in the crowd. Bright lights glistened on…show more content…
The mid-day sun beats down on the light beige sand as children jump and play in the warm ocean water, their parents straggling behind them. Groups of tropical fish swim in the ocean of turquoise and cobalt blue water, while an occasional dolphin or two can be seen swimming in the background. White puffy clouds scatter throughout the horizon and gentle warm breezes blow through the palm trees. Rocking in my hammock, I enjoy the scenery from the deck of my beautiful beachfront home. My maid Matilda approaches carrying a platter of fresh fruit and a tall glass of iced water. Ahhhh….I relax while I listen to my favorite songs on the

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