Essay On Gym Observation

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Walking into the gym on the first day of school for the incoming freshman is always an adventure. From the start I see many groups beginning to form, the athletes on one side of the gym and the artists on the other. As I watch these groups, I see a variety of different people; the people who never stop talking, then the people who are excited to see their friends but not excited about school, and finally the group of people who are absolutely dreading school and do not want to be in the gym. Watching the freshmen during the activities reassures my initial observation. There are a variety of different types of classmates helping to make the high school experience interesting and exciting. Looking through the gym, the type of freshman that catches my eye first is the overly excited student. This is the classmate that participates in all activities. They are the first to volunteer for the activity before they are aware of what it entails. If that activity needs a partner, this particular type of student often volunteers a friend to do the activity with…show more content…
As I look into the bleachers on the first day, the next group of freshmen that stand out are the obviously nervous but escorted to be there group of incoming ninth graders. During small group, this particular group of people participate to the bare minimum. If I ask them a question they answer me in the shortest way possible. They tend to latch on to a single friend to stick with during activities, someone they are extremely comfortable with. Separating the two can be tough as they will make up reasons to stay in the game group as their friend. Once being separated, the student tends to not talk, and mope around for the next couple activities. Becoming more comfortable with their group, the nervous but excited freshmen begin to participate in the activities and become even more excited about he upcoming
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