How To Describe A Lifeguard Essay

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Sitting in the sun, with my feet in the sand, and cool refreshing lake water right beside me. Now that may not seem like much of a job, but it is my job and my biggest passion. I am a lifeguard at a summer camp in Three Rivers, Michigan. I have camped there for 5 years and worked for 2 years as a lifeguard. Those 7 summers have been my favorite summers, that I can say for sure. It has been full of swimming, sailing, and playing fun and creative games like staff hunt, gold rush, and so much more. When I’m at camp I feel at home and with my best friend who have come from as far away as Florida to be at this camp. But they are more than just my best friends they are my family. I have recently visited MSU and had that same feeling there. Everyone that was at MSU that I saw and meet were very passionate about MSU. Almost everyone I walked by had some form of MSU on them. After the tour my parents and I explored for a while and everyone there was so kind there and it was very reassuring that it was going to be a fun and friendly environment. It was fantastic know that everyone there felt that passionate about MSU and really enjoyed their time there it was great. Everyone that is enrolled at MSU has come from far and wide to be a MSU and that is amazing. Camp Wakeshma has that same feeling. Where everyone there (which they have known for like 2 days) feels like your second family and feel safe with them. And everyone wears Camp Wakeshma apparel and you feel so bonded and passionate about one great thing.…show more content…
It will also allow me to connect and make more fantastic bonds with roommates, other students, and my professors. Camp Wakeshma is one of my biggest passions and I know that I can bring that kind of spirit and passion to Michigan State's
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