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The jungle coaster Is an amazing one of a kind roller coaster that you have to ride! This roller coaster includes all of the newest, and most weight efficient materials and technology available at this time to ensure that you have the best ride possible. Not only is the jungle coaster fun to ride but it is a beautiful sight as well. the Jungle coaster will include a viewing platform at the top of the tree that will overlook the rest of the jungle allowing you to soak in the unbelieveable views the we have to offer. The coaster is over 500 feet tall and includes many twists, turns, and drops that will cause you to experience weightlessness and high G-forces that you are sure to enjoy! Riders will experience the full force of gravity while taking part in the on of a kind vertical experience.
When approaching the ride you will clearly see the impressive structure that is the jungle coaster over the treetops, the jungle coaster resembles one gigantic tree at the middle of a jungle. When walking towards the line you will pass through an amazing gateway that signifies your entrance into the jungle. While waiting in line you will see many things. The Jungle is full of animals, so you may see lots of monkeys and
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As soon as you recover from the initial drop you will experience a moment of freefall in which you will nearly reach terminal velocity. The average speed of this roller coaster is insane! Riders will be traveling at nearly 90 miles per hour at some points during the ride. Because this ride goes around a circular column at a fairly constant speed riders are sure to experience some centripetal force. Our roller coaster utilized a new technology that allows us to create balanced forces that can offset the friction caused by the weight of the

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