Descriptive Essay: San Jose De La Paz

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Towns in Mexico are all very different in all aspects. Some are small while others are very populated. They all have a special space in peoples heart but San Jose De La Paz has taken mine. San Jose De La Paz is a small town in Mexico, surrounded by nature all around. The town is part of the municipality of Jesus Maria and is right next to Arandas which is known for having the biggest church bell in Mexico. San Jose has absolutely no cell service as well as very low quality internet. I feel like this is what makes this town a marvelous destination to spend your vacation at. People are all communicating with each other instead of having their faces in their phone all day. This allows for people to interact more with each other and make unforgettable…show more content…
It is their year round and is the place where most little kids go and have fun with their friends. Back in the day the little machines were more popular because they would do competitions on the game machines. Most of the time the prizes would be money and kids would want to win the prize to help their parents buy food and or pay bills. Now it is used just for fun and is the place were all little kids want to sit and enjoy their afternoon. The fair is located on the right side of town near the plaza and the church. It is in a very open space and has all games and rides scattered all around the open lot. My favorite memory at the fair was playing with the firecrackers and throwing them onto my cousins. San Jose De La Paz is a very extraordinary town with many attractions and a lot of activities you can do . Even Though it might not be for everyone it has a very special place in my heart. The plaza holds my most memorable memories because I have laughed, cried and even made myself look ridiculous. Everything in this town is something I feel everyone should experience once. The atmosphere is impeccable because all the people residing their are so sweet and caring for the ones around
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