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A mere thought of India brings colorful images to mind. The long, silky and colorful

saris; the festival of color, the colorful landscape, and the many colorful dishes. Thinking of

Indian food brings on another level of gustatory emotions. Spicy, sour and earthy are a few

words that can be used to describe Indian cuisine. One of the more known Indian dishes is

biryani. It is a dish based on long grain, tasty basmati rice mixed with other ingredients, in

layers, that forms a dish that many call “comfort food.” There are many variations of this dish.

Now let me take you to Arabia. When one thinks of Arabia he or she may imagine the wavy sand

dunes of Sahara, the sweet fragrances of Arabian perfumes, the earthy olive oil, and the many

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The key is to have the pan on low heat otherwise, they will brown too

quickly. You want them to cook slowly, releasing the sweetness which will give you what is

called “caramelized onions”. If you notice that the onions start drying out you can add a

tablespoon of water, repeating as needed. The whole process will take around 30 minutes.

Halfway through, boil the soaked split chickpeas so they cook by the time the onions have

browned. When the chickpeas are cooked and the onions have taken on a rich caramel color it is

time to put the stuffing together. Add the cooked and drained chickpeas to the onions along with

the drained raisins. Mix well. Add crushed garlic and give it a good mix. Dress the stuffing

with remaining 1 tablespoon of garam masala and salt and pepper to taste. Mix again and cook

for further 10 minutes.

When you finish cooking the stuffing you are ready for the final step. To arrange the dish

in a truly Eastern way you need a big serving tray or a big round serving dish. First, put the

crumbly rice spreading it evenly on the tray. Then sprinkle half the stuffing all around the

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