How To Describe Joe Liemandt's Personality

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1) Using the various personality characteristics discussed in this chapter, how would you describe Joe Liemandt’s personality?

Personality is the relatively stable set of psychological characteristics that influence the way an individual interacts with his or her environment and how he or she feels, thinks, and behaves. By using the five-factor model of personality and personality characteristics in organizations, I will describe Joe Liemandt’s personality.

To begin, with the five-factor model of personality: Joe displays an extrovert personality, high emotional stability, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and an outstanding openness to experience. Firstly, Joe Liemandt’s personality is extroverted versus introverted because he is more sociable and talkative opposed to withdrawn and shy. This is shown when he takes the risk and decides to drop out of university to start Trilogy Software. He uses effective communication skills, and determination (ambition) to convince four classmates to join him with the creation of the company. Secondly, Joe Liemandt has an elevated level of emotional stability. He displays a stable and confident personality as he leads the organization. This is specifically publicized with his mission to give a lot of responsibility to his employees. He is confident in himself and the organization and trusts his employees to handle extra responsibility. Thirdly, Joe Liemandt has an agreeable personality, where he is tolerant and cooperative versus cold or rude. He contributes to
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As discussed by the five-factors of personality, Liemandt is an extrovert with high emotional consistency, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness to experience. Looking at the personality characteristics in organizations; Joe Liemandt clearly demonstrates personality characteristics with internal locus of control, high-self monitoring, high self-esteem, positive affectivity, and high
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