How To Describe Scott Bauer

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Scott Bauer Scott Bauer is a quiet but interesting person that appears smart and timid. That is true but he is so much more once you get to know him! Scott is a distinguished looking man. Scott has a bushy beard and the top of his head is bald. He has wiry, thin brown hair. Scott’s 50 and his birthday is August 14th, 1965. He is 5 '10 and is average weight. Scott has a very distinguished look. Scott has a witty and blunt personality. I describe Scott as a person who keeps to himself, quiet, and really smart. Scott said that "People believe I am smart but shy" which I believe is accurate. Scott can have fun and joke when he knows people well enough. Scott is an interesting man with a blunt personality. Next up is how Mr. Bauer speaks. Mr. Bauer talks softly and intelligently. He speaks intelligently, he always thinks about what he will say before he speaks. Scott talks quietly but always has a point.…show more content…
Scott has fun computer programming. He makes games, Magic the Gathering card sorting robots, Magic the Gathering e-players, and other programs for his job. He also likes home automation. He has installed an intercom system to call his kids up from the basement when they have to do the dishes, eat, etc. Mr. Bauer has a lot of technology in his house! If you haven 't figured it out Scott is my dad. Dad always has loved his family and encouraged his kids to learn. Scott has 3 kids, Landon is 24 and going to college at UND (AKA University of North Dakota), Phoenix is 21 and going to college at SCSU (AKA St. Cloud State), and Trinity is 12 going to AAS. His wife is Carla Bauer(Hansen). Scott went to college in Alexandria for a 2 year degree in computer programming. His favorite teacher is Kevin Stanic a physics teacher from
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