How To Do A Persona Doll

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This was my first time doing a persona doll. I enjoyed developing an identity for my doll. In the process of doing the doll, I was kind of have my own stories go with the doll. I was aware of learned bias and discriminate on the basis of gender, wealth, ethnicity and other characteristics which had influenced by social, economic, and political factors, socially constructed. I learned that persona doll can be used to introduce diversity in the classroom. The goal of an anti-bias curriculum in the classroom is to help developing children 's identities and self-esteem. Using persona doll to tell story can support and validate children who are perceived to be different. It is also essential to children 's growth, development, and learning about the importance of embracing not only cultural and linguistic differences, but also being proud of and honoring one 's own culture, traditions, and home language, as well.…show more content…
It broadened my perspective and awareness of the importance of being open to, learning about, being sensitive to, recognizing and celebrating, where possible, the holiday customs and traditions of children and families. This course I learned that culture is more than race or ethnicity or more than artifacts, but in a way it is more dynamic and complex. Cultural groups and cultural identity are based on the influences by many different conditions and circumstances. The sense of identity, knowledge, understanding, ability, skills and children 's relationships change during
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