How To Do Thanksgiving Effectively

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How to do Thanksgiving effectively
Entertaining for Thanksgiving can be very rewarding, and very exhausting. Over the years I have found that planning and preparing for the big day is essential. I love to cook. I enjoy preparing a wonderful Thanksgiving meal for my loved ones. Giving is the most important part of Thanksgiving. Another important part of Thanksgiving dinner is to be able to sit down, relax and enjoy your meal with the company of your loved ones. By taking steps in advance you can assure a successful Thanksgiving dinner, minimizing being overwhelmed.

Start with your guest list and planning your dinner menu. While searching for recipes, look for simple and easy. Consider buying all ready prepared dishes, if preparation time is an issue. Another important detail to consider is if any of your guest have food allergies or intolerance (such as nuts, dairy, gluten). Makes notes of how much time each dish takes to be prepared. Also make notes on the cooking order of the dishes.
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First, the turkey has to sit out for 45 minutes to an hour to come to room temperature before placing in the oven. The turkey will take the longest to bake. For instance a turkey of twenty pounds and stuffed will take four and quarter to five and some quarter hours to bake (thermometer should read 160 degrees, in thigh). In the mean time you can peel your potatoes and place them in a pan of water. Next, get the sweet potatoes ready to bake (seasoned, buttered, spiced, foiled). Now it is time to set the table (in addition, butter dish, salt and pepper shakers, wine bucket, serving utensils). Also remember to chill the beverages in advance you will be serving. Most important, you will need to plan out your baking time for each dish. For instance, while the turkey is cooling down you can bake the stuffing and sweet potatoes. In addition, you can boil and prepare the mashed potatoes and gravy. Next, prepare the rolls wrapped in foil to be ready for warming
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