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CHAPTER FIVE HOW TO DRESS FOR SUCCESS Success and how we dress goes hand in hand. As employers typically look out for certain traits in making their decision either to employ, promote, demote or terminate the appointment of an employee, so does anyone wanting to do business with you. Your first impression is key and have the ability to effect subsequent meetings or encounters. To dress for success simply means dressing for the right profession. The clothes you wear reflect your personality as it speaks much about who you are and how you do business. It shows that you are confident, bold and gives impression that you are on top of the game because you know exactly what you are about. For example, wearing a perfect fit suit would be more appropriate…show more content…
Financing, is one aspect that needs to be considered as it might be a challenge, however, you don’t necessarily have to completely change your wardrobe as it might be too expensive to do that. In order to make good use of your existing clothes, you can simply clean up by sorting them. Separate the ones that can be paired to get a professional look while the rest can be worn as casual, but not to an office setting. Your appearance matters as it informs others what and how to think of you. A smartly dressed person immediately commands respect regardless of his or her position, nature of job or business. The next thing to consider is to go shopping. Depending on your financial status, you can pick out some affordable but classy clothing items that would fittingly complement the clothes you already have. At this stage we are looking at the quality of what you purchase not necessarily the quantity. You don’t need many clothes to look professional, it’s rather how you wear them and for which occasions. It’s very imperative to give an excellent first impression be it an interview, a business or casual meeting in the office or with clients or your first day on the job. For that matter you will have to prepare

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