How To Drink Bottled Water

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“Americans are drinking bottled water in record numbers—a whopping 5 billion gallons in 2001” (IBWA). Drinking water is an essential to all living beings, especially human beings. The concern globally is people are not getting enough water to help replace whatever they have lost through the normal bodily functions. Bottled water has great contributions when it comes to Americans. Americans of this century have grown up on bottled water; it becomes second nature to them to not buy bottled water. At schools a majority of kids have to drink out of water fountains. The water in the water fountains has to travel through rusted pipes. Pipes can contain leach copper and lead; some water treatment plants are not designed to remove toxins, such as, medications, human excretion, and even drugs people let wash down drain pipes. Parents do not realize what contaminants could be in a water fountain. Taking a bottle of water to school could help solve this issue, and also from being their kids possibly getting dehydrated. Seeing as kids only get a “1, 2, 3” count to drink after recess. Bottled water is seen in generally all convenience store, grocery store, and vending machines. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) set up federal regulations to make manufactures…show more content…
After hurricane Katrina, the city water had all kinds of toxins and poisons, which makes the water unsuitable to drink. Therefore bottled water then comes into play. Natural disasters do not just happen here in the United States, they happen all over.” Bottled water becomes a big lifesaver” (Fager), all because it can travel and it gets to wherever safely, sealed, drinkable, and most importantly life saving for anyone in a critical situation. Bottled water has become a necessity for life because it is used in all kinds’ situations, whether they are life threatening situations or just a drink for

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