Did America's Choice To End The War Essay

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America’s Choice to End the War August 6, 1945, America dropped the world’s first atomic bomb. The atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima was called Little Boy. The dropping of the atomic bomb helped end the war. Some people believe that dropping the atomic bomb was the wrong thing to do. Had American not dropped the bomb, then who knows what the world would be like today. America might not be allies with Japan. Japan is one of America’s closest allies. While there were alternatives, America was right to drop the atomic bomb because the bomb was dropped to end the war, the bomb saved thousands of lives, both Japanese and American, and the bomb was the only logical option. President Truman had only been president for twelve days when he…show more content…
Some people survived the bomb by pure chance like by “[throwing] [themselves] between two large rocks” (Heresy 835) to save themselves. Conventional bombs were more destructive to cities because they started fires and it was not just one and done. The conventional bombing methods killed more people than the atomic bomb. The bomb also saved millions of American lives by avoiding a land invasion. The bomb also helped end the war also saving the lives of soldiers from other countries. If you think about it the atomic bomb saved more lives than it took. From a military standpoint “dropping [of] the atomic bomb Hiroshima [was a] . . . necessity”(Freeman). The bomb was dropped to “avoid an invasion of Japan”(PragerU), America not only ended the war, it was done without launching a ground invasion. If America had launched a land invasion than not, only would have American soldiers' lives have been lost, but more Japanese would have died as well.America dropped the bomb as a mean to end the war. Not only did the bomb save lives in the moment, the bomb showed how the bomb affects countries and now America has nuclear weapons deals with other countries to prevent the use of a nuclear weapon like the atomic bomb. America not only protected their lives, but they protected those of people in other
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