How To Freeze Breast Milk

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After pumping for awhile, you will probably be able to stockpile a large amount of breastmilk in your freezer to use while you are at work or away from your baby for the evening. When it 's time to use your breastmilk, it 's important to thaw it correctly in order to keep it safe and healthy for your little one.

How to Safely Freeze Your Breast Milk

After you are finished pumping, immediately pour your breast milk into a plastic storage bag or bottle. Leave about one inch of room at the top of the container in order to allow for the milk to expand while it freezes. Carefully seal the container and label it with the date that it was pumped. Store it in the back of the freezer until you are ready to use it; storing it in the door or close to the front of the freezer can make the milk too warm. …show more content…

Simple Ways to Thaw Your Breast Milk

There are several ways to thaw your breast milk. The method you choose will depend on whether you want to use your breast milk to feed your baby immediately or whether you want to slowly thaw it in order to use in several hours.

Warm Water Method …show more content…

Don 't remove the breast milk from the bag or bottle. Allow it to remain in the warm water, changing it if necessary, until the milk is thawed and warm. This method typically takes 30 minutes to thaw the milk completely.

Refrigerator Method

Run warm water over the bag or bottle for several seconds. Next, place the container of breast milk into the refrigerator, which will allow it to slowly thaw over the next 12 hours. Milk thawed in the refrigerator must be used within 24 hours.

Thawing Breast Milk Do 's and Don 'ts

Do Freeze Your Breast Milk in Small

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