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There are so many articles out there that talks about how to lose weight in many different ways, with the help of different types of diets people can try. However, not a lot of people actually talks about how to gain weight the healthy way. There are a lot of people who are struggling with their weight, but not all of them are trying to lose weight, there are some who are trying to gain weight. One of the main reasons why there are people who are actually trying to gain a couple of pounds is probably because they are considered as malnourished, or maybe they are suffering from an illness that could cause them to lose weight rapidly like hyperthyroidism and gastrointestinal issues. There are also people who are unable to gain weight because they may have small joints, long limbs, lean build, and if they…show more content…
Sleep could actually help your body in many different ways, if you are going to try to eat more and exercise more, you will need to get recharged and that is where sleep basically comes in. People are getting less and less sleep nowadays and it is not really healthy, it affects their metabolisms that causes them to gain weight, but that doesn’t mean that you need to have less sleep just because you want to gain a couple of pounds, keep in mind that you are doing this in the healthy way. EAT MORE THAN YOU BURN Trying to lose weight is too far from being easy, but trying to gain weight depends on the person. You can easily gain so much weight by eating a lot of fatty foods and drinking sodas as such, but that is just unhealthy, but it is the quick way. If you wish to do it in a healthy way, you must start by eating more than you’re burning. Exercise is a big part of gaining weight so that would mean it is inevitable to actually lose weight. You must track how much weight your losing from exercising and start eating more calories than you are

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