How To Get Away With Murder Viola Davis Analysis

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Annalise Keating is often perceived as a narcissistic and dangerous woman, but her character is much more complex than that. Although an actor’s job is to play a role, Viola Davis has proven that bringing her own characteristics to the role of Annalise Keating makes the fictional character more compelling. In the final minutes of the episode, “Let’s get to Scooping” Annalise strips off her makeup and takes off her wig; this small act makes a huge statement in saying here I am and I will not be shamed. Davis has argued that lead female roles do not always need to be women who have the “body” (Emami). In the series How to Get Away with Murder Viola Davis acts as a feminist advocate, challenges beauty standards, and opens the path for others to follow in her steps. Mrs. Davis has proven that she is a force to be recon with, not only does she take on powerful roles but she takes a stand with important issues affecting society today. In the 2018 LA Women’s March, Viola spoke about the Me-Too Movement and how it must be more inclusive of women of color who are also victims of sexual assault. “All the women who do not have the images in the media to give them a sense of self-worth to break their silence” (Davis). This is a key part of the movement that is missing and when she brought it front and center to her speech it showed her knowledge of the issue and how she was doing something to change it. “Now cultural strategies that can make a difference, that’s what I’m interested
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