Witch Hunts In The Crucible

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Have you ever gotten blamed for something that you didn’t do or didn’t deserve? I have experienced many times in my life that I have gotten blamed for something I didn’t do or deserver. In the play, The Crucible, by Arthur Miller there are many times that witch hunts happen here are a few example of when they happen: when Abigail gets accused of drinking chicken blood, when Abigail and Proctor has an affair, and finally when Elizabeth and Mary were accused of putting the pin in the poppet.
In the play, Abigail and many other people get accused of witch hunts. For instance, here is an example of when Abigail gets blamed for something, Hale says, “You cannot evade me Abigail. – Did your cousin drink any of the brew in that kettle.” “She never
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Cheever says, “Why… it is a needle! Willard, Willard, it is a needle!” (pg. 42). Cheever was assigned to go to Proctor’s door and search through his house to find a poppet that Elizabeth has. Elizabeth pops into the conversation and says that she doesn’t own any poppets and there is none in her house. Cheever then finds a poppet in the house and Elizabeth says that it is Mary’s and Mary put it in here. However, Elizabeth is getting accused of having this poppet with a needle in it and then she throws Mary under the bus. In the end, it was actually Abigail’s poppet. An example of this situation in the real world is when someone in school says that they didn’t copy their friend’s homework but the friends says that they didn’t copy the homework either but in the end they both copied the homework from a person that wasn’t even mentioned. A lesson to be learned is to just tell the truth the first time and if you don’t know who did it then don’t blame someone else. Although Elizabeth and Mary are accused of putting the pin in the poppet, they weren’t even the one that put it in there.
Accusing other people of something they didn’t do or in other words witch hunts happened many time in, The Crucible, by Arthur Miller. Some witch hunts that really stuck out to be was when Abigail and her cousin got accused of drink the blood, when Proctor got accused of having an affair with Abigail, and lastly when Elizabeth and Mary were accused of putting a pin in the poppet. All of the people in, The Crucible, knew what it felt like to be blamed for something they didn’t do. When we start to blame others for something that we didn’t do it becomes a domino effect and becomes very
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