Process Essay: How To Get Good Grades In School

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In school, things can get pretty rough. There is a bunch of homework, tests, and lots of other things that can stress a student out. A student needs to find some sort of process that works for them. They need to be organized, so everything is laid out in front of them. Getting organized, and preparing yourself is a great way to get great grades in school.

Step one is to attend all of the classes. One may think that skipping out on class once or twice is fine, but then once or twice then becomes a few here and there, which then leads to being gone all the time. It may be the boring class that no one ever pays attention in, or it may be the class that is really easy to understand. Either way, students need to get to class. Being in class and absorbing the material is a great way to understand what is going on. It also is a great way to get close with the professors. By not showing up, you will gain that advantage. Some professors give out participation points. A student 's grade can slip when they do not attend class due to a of lack of participation. Also, it is a good idea for students to sit in the front of the class. It may not seem like the most popular thing to do, but by sitting in front, you pay more attention to the teacher.

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Instead of forgetting about an assignment that is due tomorrow, a student can already be ahead of the game by knowing when things are due. One way is to get a planner. A planner is a great way to keep organized. Use the syllabus the teachers give you, and write down the assignments that are due ahead of time. This allows the student to get a look of what is coming up. Get a binder that keeps everything separate, "Keep homework, tests, and class papers in central location" (10 Tips). It helps the student know exactly where to find something if they need it. Also, old homework and papers so that they can be reused to study for future

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