How To Get High Grades Essay

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What? Your grades keep decreasing and making your average low? Many people struggle or do not do well in school. It is a really good thing to have good grades in school, because if you do not, then that will affect you later on in life. That is because if you have low grades, then your job will be bad, but if you have high grades, then you will be able to have a good job. The better jobs that you come across in life will require high grades in school and a lot of knowledge. In high school the better your grades are the higher GPA you have and that will cause you to get in a better collage and have a better job. It is very important to have good grades in school so you will be able to succeed later in life. One way to get good grades in school is to attend all of the classes. In the story 10 tips for Getting Good (or Better) Grades, it says ¨Many professors have attendance…show more content…
When you keep your book bag clean, it makes it easier to find important things. It also helps a lot when the binder or folders that you put all of your studying things and notes organized so it will help you study. One way to keep your binder organized is by having dividers that separate the notebook by classes, so you can put everything that you learned or took note of from that class will be right there in that section. When you go to study the best way is not to just go over it for a few moments, then quit, it is to study the topic for ten minuets then take a break then go back to it and keep repeating that sequence. Some people like to cram it all in at the last minuet when they study. What I mean by that is some people stay up all night studying and then go to school looking like a zombie because they did not get any sleep, or they get up really early in the morning and try to cram it in before the test. Then also some people do not study at all and they just go to school hoping for the
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