Why Did Tj Get Out Of Jail In The 1930's

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In the 1930’s it was hard time in jail. Tj is in jail shuffering with no water, no food, no nothing. He was tied to the ball and chain for a year because they caught him escaping from period. now it is 1932, the ball and chain was off but Tj was still in jail. TJ made a plan how to escape so the cop saw him planing it out and escape from him so he had to go back to the ball and chain, now he has to wear it for 3 years. he got the ball off of him so he was like “how am I going to get out so here?” He thought “ I cloud do it during night time when the cop is sleeping. YES!”.I got the blueprints from the cop Now I got blueprints now put it in his cell then he waited then it was night time so he stated planing how to get out then one week later the cop went into Tj…show more content…
when he was at lunch and saw the blueprints and he took it to his leader and now Tj has the ball and chan and the chan gane the ball was three years and the chan gane is for one mouth in 1950 Tj was still in jail and trying to get out but it wasn't working. So Tj try a different way how to get out of jail but this one was different then the other ways he tried to get out. He saw the bar and he was like I can brake those bars. But he had to get a weapen to get out. So the luch came so he ate it all then he saw a cop was coming so he pretended that he was died so the cop opened his

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