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Top 7 Solutions to Get Rid of Dry Skin in winter
Winter holidays come with joy and a lot of fun activities. It also comes with a thirsty air which can be debilitating to the skin .With approach of the winter people prepare not only for warm clothing but also for solutions to care for the skin. Winter needs extra efforts for skin care this will involve changing some of your products like the moisturizer to fit the season, banning the long and hot showers. Dry skin takes away the glow and radiant complexion of the skin. Our skin has to glow all the seasons including the winter. Here are some solutions to get rid of dry skin during winter;
1. Get a good humidifier
Worried about the dry air indoors? Hydrate it with a humidifier. Humidifier adds moisture to the air which is distributed throughout the house to protect your skin from the drying effect. This gives you comfort even as you sleep, investing on a good
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Some products contain harsh chemical which take away the moisture from the skin leading to further dryness. Products with mild extracts will favor your essential skin oils. A little soap should be used when bathing. Some soap can have drying effects on the skin. Among the products to be avoided are alcohol-based products because of their drying effect. Skin bleaching cream that has a drying effect should also be dropped.
7. Invest on warm clothing
Warm clothing that cover the exposed parts of your body shields it from the dry humid air. Your hands contain a thin layer skin with few oil glands thus more prone to dryness. Putting on some gloves will keep you warm and protect the hands from cracking and flaking. Include some warm scarves and socks. Avoid wet clothing as they will make you cold and also cause irritation and drying of the skin. When water is left on the skin it evaporates taking with it skin moisture making your skin to get dry and itchy.

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