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More animals are dying from pollution than ever before. Over the past years, the Earth has been a victim to land, air, and water pollution. Pollution has started taking over the Earth. These poor animals have started to confuse pollution for food. Animals in the ocean have died from the amount of pollution in the ocean. Mahatma Gandhi once wrote “be the change you want to see in the world.” To better the world, we could get rid of pollution by creating laws against pollution production, have recycling required, and have weekly cleanings.

The first way to get rid of pollution is by having laws against the production of pollution, which will help in getting rid of pollution. The laws would limit the amount of pollution every person can produce. For example, factories create tons of air pollution every day and it has become a great problem in countries such as China. The law
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Every person would have to clean up a certain amount of pollution every week. If a person doesn’t clean up pollution, they’ll get two warnings, then after that they’ll get punished based on how long they’ve been refusing to clean up the pollution. With everyone cleaning up a certain amount of pollution every day, eventually we would get to a point where there is little pollution. Eventually, landfills would become unnecessary due to the decline in pollution. A famous poet once said “when the whole world works together we achieve more than when we work individually.” In this case, the quote is true because by working together, we can get rid of pollution. A city in China is working with citizens to clean up the pollution in their city. Their city has become terribly polluted that they all banded together to try and clean up the pollution. The pollution has decreased by a surprising amount because they all worked together. By working together, the amount of pollution can decrease and prevent the earth from becoming a

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