How To Go To Dinner With A Brother On Drug By Nathalie Diaz

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Nathalie Diaz’s poems “How to Go to Dinner with a Brother on Drug” and “ My Brother at 3 A.M” point out how drug and alcohol abuse cause stress and problems over a family. Diaz explains the struggle that her family has to be through because of her brother addiction. Diaz’s poems show her life and the struggle she needs to experience such as drug addiction, violence, and poverty. The brother addiction to the Meth causes the family fall in part. She was reading angry at her brother because he destroys the family making the parent suffer emotional and mental. She explains how the brother addiction turns her house outside down with this attitude. However, the brother addiction makes the parents to never give up on him even though his negative behavior toward them. Parents love him unconditional because it was their son. Even though he was not on the best path, they still support him and be on his side because they believe that he can change. Diaz believes that her brother doesn’t deserve her family support, but family supports each other at any moment in the life. For instance, Diaz state “my phone, come Deshacer a tus padres/Jesus told me to, and Mon Frere”(34-35). The parents still believe that the brother can be different, but Diaz thinks that the brother just wants to separate her family. The family was getting affect by the bother, but they still are there for him. Likely, the second stanza states the drug addiction and the effects on Diaz’s family. Diaz states how
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