How To Have Speed Limits Persuasive Essay

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I believe in speed limits and that everyone should follow them not only keep themselves safe but people on the road safe as well. I know for a fact that in Fiji the most deaths on the roads are from speeding accidents that could have been avoidable if people just followed the law and didn’t speed. People forget and don’t realize a lot of the time how their actions can affect everyone else on the road not only themselves.

When a person is speeding they give themselves less time to react if something were to happen. For example, a person going at the legal speed limit would have more chance of being fine. So if something was to happen and they needed to stop they would have enough time to react and slam on the breaks. Think about is they were speeding. They could lose a few seconds of important reaction time and end up causing them to have an accident. Speed limits can help so if an accident does occur the chances of fatalities and damages aren’t as high.

Having speed limits help regulate and control
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They are all very vulnerable and are not in cars so they are putting their trust in everyone to drive safely and abide the law. Fiji, for example has very strict speed limits for when people go through villages so that people, dogs, cats, horse and other animals don’t
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get killed or injured if they are running around. If we didn’t have those speed limits the animals and people would not be safe because reckless, fast driving is not only unsafe for the people but also the animals.
I have been in lots of close calls where a cow has run into the road and if we were speeding we most likely would have hit the cow and everyone in the car could have gotten seriously hurt.

Therefore that is my argument for speed limits and we should in force them. Even thought it can be costly and time consuming it is important for everyone’s safety and well
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