How To Identify Stakeholders

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Identifying stakeholders
Someone having a stake in your project and its outcome is called a stakeholder. Stakeholders include your customers, the team members who worked on the project and the departments which will be affected by the project. Sometimes it becomes difficult to identify the stakeholders of the project. You must identify the major roles of the stakeholders. A customer of the project is a person or group who solves a problem. It brings along three very important things to a project which is the funds for the project, views about the projects and approvals for all the derivable from start to end.
Project sponsors are the second stakeholder role. Sponsors are people who would want the project to succeed and have the legal authority
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Team members are the last stakeholders. They are dependent on the project as their jobs as well as their performance on the project depend on it. Now that the identification of your stakeholder is done, how do you plan to work with them? First you need to find out what helps in motivation of your stakeholders and in which way they are connected to the project. You can record these data in a stakeholder analysis document.
You can start by jotting down the business unit, the department and the company to which the stakeholder belongs. Take note of who the stakeholders listen to. As this information is vital for you at times when there is an issue with your stakeholder. Identify the objectives which are considered important by your stakeholder as it will help you sort any issue with the stakeholder related to an objective. Finally the stakeholder’s contribution must be documented so that you know what to expect from him or who you need to turn to when you need anything.
Always remember that the stakeholders are very important for the project’s
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They also communicate the responsibility and authority to the assigned project manager. A project charter consists of the name of the project, its purpose in one sentence summarizing its goal and objectives along with the name of the manager, his responsibilities, his work description, extent of his authority, specifics of his work which he needs to perform which includes requisition for resources, signing contracts and a formal declaration of the support of the sponsor for the project. The sponsor’s or the customer’s declaration is like a power of attorney for the project

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