How To Im Against Gun Control Persuasive Essay

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I’m against gun control because I like shooting guns. I wish gun owners weren 't limited to their selection. Because there is a law called 2nd amendment that says that you have the right to bear arms. There are a lot of people that live in america and are scared of guns and don 't like it, I think part of the reason is because the image people bring to when thought of guns, protection and hunting should be the only reason why a gun should be fired. In the United States of America, there is something called second amendment , it gives you the right to own a gun and protect and arm yourself if things went south they would have a chance. The government has gotten stricter on gun control, because of all the violence and mass murders. By the …show more content…

It would help if were to get into a gunfight with a terrorist. Defense is not my only concern to have an extended clip, could also be used for hunting. Hunting is a sport people all around the world have done, some do it just to eat, some do it for the fun and eat it. If an intruder broke in and you had a revolver it wouldn’t stop a person at the size of 6 ft or taller and 250 pounds or more. Change the legal age of owning a gun I wish the state of Georgia would change the legal age of owning a gun from 21 to 18. If South Carolina can make it legal and not have a big problem then Georgia wouldn’t either. Strict gun control laws in Mexico do not do anything, and will be much better in the United States. Gun control has been proven to not be as effective. I wish I could have a gun of my own to carry with me when and wherever I please. I’m against gun control I wish people with guns weren 't limited to their selection but also believe not everyone should be able to get a gun license and own and carry a gun. I wish the Government were stricter on getting guns. Not everyone should be able to carry a gun. But the americans who would pass the test earn their right to bear arms. I am against it because I love being around guns, but not everyone is in their right mind to hold a

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