How To Improve Education Essay

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How to Improve Education

The world has changed greatly, we see new improvements and breakthroughs in technology every other day. Contrary to this, education has not changed. Everyday we hear students complain about school being ‘boring’, ‘uninteresting’, and ‘useless’. Teachers always have to deal with questions such as ‘When will we ever use this in real life?’ or ‘How is this relevant’. Teachers deal with the repetitive complaints from students every day and get frustrated not knowing how to deal with them, or how to keep them interested while still teaching them. We always force students to study multiple subjects, while making them memorize tons of formulas, dates, and historical events.

We always judge students if they aren’t able to memorize these events or dates, or if they aren’t able to solve math or physics problems, but have we ever thought to step back and think what made these classes feel boring? Or why do students feel these subjects are useless for their future?

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Society has changed, we live in an era where a college degree doesn’t guarantee a job. Many of the famous and successful people of our time are college dropouts, we never asked ourselves ‘why did they drop out?’.People like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs dropped out, not because they were weak, but because they knew college didn’t teach some of the crucial skills for working in general. Employers look for skills that are considered crucial in our era such as: critical thinking, adaptability, negotiation, time management, and persuasion.Therefore, education should avoid forcing students to memorize trivial subjects and facts, but rather enforce the skills necessary for working in the industry, and necessary for guaranteeing a better
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