The Importance Of Gun Control Laws In Schools

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School safety is an issue that most adults never could have seen themselves being concerned about when they were kids. Since the laws were written, times have changed. Being given the second amendment right to defend themselves does not constitute the idea that Americans can have semi-automatic rifles. Changing times mean that weapons are advancing along with all the other technology. The average person does not need a semi-automatic rifle to defend themselves. As our guns have changed, our laws regarding who can carry and what sort of gun they can carry should change as well. In Florida there was a shooting at Majority Douglas High School. The laws in Florida did nothing to protect the students and faculty from this tragedy. Therefore, improved gun control laws could have prevented this from occurring. Reforming gun control laws must be a priority. We need to keep tragedies such as the shooting in Florida from ever happening again.…show more content…
According to an article in USA today, a court must find a person mentally defective to impede them from acquiring a firearm. Moreover, being found mentally unstable in court does not prevent a person from buying a gun privately. Florida also does not require background checks on private gun sales. There are no laws preventing unstable people from gaining access to guns. Not only does the state of Florida not restrict who can buy a gun, but it is illegal for them to keep a database of all the people who own guns, according to USA today. This needs to change. There is nothing protecting the citizens of Florida from tragedies like the shooting at Majority Stoneman Douglas High School from occurring again. People need to realize that this is not an either gun or mental health issue. It is the fact that gun control laws do not stop the mentally ill from obtaining a dangerous firearm. Congress should be concerned with improving those
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