Process Essay: Improving Patient Safety

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Improving Patient Safety Patient safety is a critical component when it comes to providing health care to all individuals. It is the freedom from additional harm or injury caused by preventable mistakes. Furthermore, when it comes to our elder’s senior adults, patient safety should be number one. They require more protection from any form of medical errors or additional harm that may jeopardize their safety. Research has shown that if the basis moral standards were applied then patient safety would significantly improve, (Sandars, & Cook., 2009).
The decision to select patient safety was due to a couple of things. One is several years ago, my husband had two brain surgeries. And due to the lack of communication with clinicians,
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Providing training and tools for motivating employees to report any events that may result in actual or potential harm to patients.
Measuring and evaluating performances to achieve a supported culture, (Spath, & Kelly). Prevent injuries, improve compliance, reduces injury cost, that would result in zero errors.
To also provide resident with safe living environment, such as safe floors, food safety, walking rails, safe shower design. Check list for safe medication to prevent over dosage. To make certain all ethical medical standards are followed, protecting patients with dementia. Ethical principles are employee telling the truth, honesty and sharing the correct information regarding all residents and staff, (Abma, & Baur., 2015). The project requirements and tools, I will be using is the Union Court safety policy that is already in place as a guide. A weekly 30 minutes meeting with stakeholders, and a walk through in the facility surveying any potential safety hazards. And communication through email, and additional data that need to be report for the project. And my course materials on patient
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