Importance Of Speed Reading Essay

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• Speed reading is a great skill which helps you to read and understand text at high speed, so it is a priceless and valuable skill to build upeven it can help you in education, business or with reading for pleasure.
• Here are some tips to help you to improve your reading speed.
• Read early in the day
• Reading in the morning helps you to improve your reading and ability to be focused as its good time to practice. Fixing the time for reading is helpful to improve reading efficiency and to comprehend the information. so it is worth making the time to practice.
• Skim material first
• Look at the material for a while and scan the content of pessage to get an idea that is important to improve the the reading speed understanding the structure
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• Do NOT highlight
• High lighting words to draw your attention on specific information rather distracts you so, to improve your reading effectiveness and efficiency it is recommended to avoid highlighting rather consider notes.
• Adapt your reading speed
• Adjust your reading speed to the material and purpose. Immersive reading and materials which require detailed understanding and deep comprehension such as contracts are a few examples of where you may want to read at a slower pace. Dry and information-based material such as newspapers, magazines and websites where the purpose is to extract information and understanding may be better suited for speed reading.
• Practice
• The more you read, the better a reader you will become. You will soon find that practice will really boost your reading effectiveness and efficiency boost. Don't forget to pace yourself. Acquiring any worthwhile skill can take time and it is better that you take frequent breaks with regular practice.
• Enjoy it
• Enjoying what you read is a great way to develop your skills faster and naturally, the more you enjoy it the more you will do
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