Student Self-Esteem Reflection

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Introduction: Self-esteem is closely linked to motivation. In other words, The more confident the person is, the more motivated they are. A student with low self-esteem can affect their social life, motivation, and even education. The lack of confidence makes a student not believe in themselves, which results in lack of collaboration and attempt at completing tasks. Throughout my placement I made improving the students’ self-esteems my highest priority because that is what I believe that would improve student success. In my action based research process, I identify some of the things that I have done in order to improve the students in my placement class’ self-esteem, which I hope improved their success in their phys-ed class.
Action Based
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Students always look for something to push themselves to succeed. Either that is a prize, or to impress someone to get a compliment, or for self- pleasure. As for leaders, they should take this into consideration when they want tasks to be done. They can either constantly remind them of the anticipating end goal or paying them a salary of any form.
Taught the students the benefits of phys-ed, like being more fit, healthier, and improve self-esteem.
The students took that into consideration since they knew being healthier is a better overall lifestyle, as it can bring success.
Even as young students, they know the benefits of the phys-ed, and they take it seriously. I also learned that students always need reminders to why they are doing a specific task. I as a student, always ask myself why I am doing certain things, especially in school specifically math class.
Setting up uncomplicated activities/classes for the
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This lets the student know that they have someone that is actually interested in what they have to say and they can comeback to you for serious/important conversation. Thus, you build a strong, trustful friendship with the student which is also a major self-esteem booster.
Playing the sports with them/against them.
Seeing that many of the students in my placement class look up to me and consider me as a role model, they always view it as a challenge when I play with them. So they usually always want to play against me to show off they skills in the sport and see if they can actually beat me.
Just like said before, the higher level students in the class always like a challenge and being the best in the class. What I also learned is that students always like to see a teacher or someone with an authoritarian role to participate in something with them, which is actually something I enjoy seeing, too. And again, this improves their self-esteem because they see that what they are doing is something that their “role model” enjoys doing and they feel better about themselves.
Persistently encouraging a student to complete an
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