How To Increase Student Loan Debt

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Student loan debt has been a big issues for a while now which is caused by the high price college tuition that has more than doubled in the past fifty years in the United States. According to figure 1, in the past five years alone the tuition price has increased an average of 11 percent (see appendix). With the serious rise in tuition many students have taken out loans which means that more and more graduates from college are not only leaving with a diploma but also with debt. "7 in 10 college seniors graduated in 2012 with student debt, which on average was $29,400" (Lundberg 1). 70 percent of all the graduates are already in debt stepping out of college and moving into the real world trying to start a career in society for the first time which means that they will be starting in a hole and will have to work much harder to dig themselves out.…show more content…
This is a very concerning matter because the more tuition goes up, the higher the population will be in debt which will cause our country to go farther down the hole of debt. Some people that do not have to worry about student debt anymore probably think that it is not their concern but even if they do not have to deal with it themselves they are still affected by the increasing amount of debt. “the biggest cause of rising debt is the steady increase in tuition and fees, which critics variously blame on falling state support for public universities, light faculty workloads and excessive spending on facilities, athletics and administration” (Price 1). One of the biggest cause of the increased rate student debt is going in is tuition and
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