How To Increase The Minimum Wage Essay

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Should minimum wage increase?
Prince Sultan University
By Abdullah Idris

In recent years, minimum wage is being a serious issue in all over America. While president Obama, big companies and small businesses totally agrees that increasing minimum wage is a lot beneficial to the country. This literature reviews how the minimum wage is benefited to the workers, local businesses and the government. This paper explains several reasons how the workers get motivated, more jobs are created and how businesses can save money on labor. And make the business more popular in the society.
“28 million people will be benefited by the minimum wage increase across the country. Raising the minimum wage will put more money in people’s pocket which will pump back into economy by spending it on goods and services in community” -- President Barack Obama. The first minimum wage
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Increasing minimum wage fights against poverty and gets the person out of the debt. Workers are motivated to work hard for the businesses and to give more support to the family. More disposable income will be injected. A small change in minimum wage hourly can give them a much better standard of living. To employers raise in minimum wage saves them a lot on recruiting employees and invest money on their training. Existing workers will be more experienced to increase the efficiency of the business than the new workers. As a result, customers will be more relax about the service. Whereas, to the country the tax will be increased by large amount of money which can help to give free of cost services to workers such as free education, free electricity, free medical, which will again motivate the worker to work hard. The most important thing the GDP of the country will increase and will help the government a lot to pay of the loans as soon as possible before more interest to be

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