How To Judge Clover In The Other Side Essay

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All around the world, people can be wonderful, and friendly. But when you judge other people, people aren’t going to be friendly. In “The Other Side,” by Jacqueline Woodson, a kind girl named Clover lives in a time where people from the other side of the fence judge the other side. Accept one girl named Annie who then becomes friends with Clover. Clover learns that many people judge because of their skin color. Clover also learns, that when you judge people you won’t be able to find the kindness within them. Lastly, Clover learns, You should never judge anyone, because the people you judge may later be your friend. And from this story, we can all learn a lesson that, we should never judge a book by it’s cover. To start, many people in Clover’s…show more content…
First of all, their friendship begins with a smile. “And we stood there looking at each other, smiling.” As kids you know, when you first meet someone you start off with a smile and a “Hi!” Or “How are you!” And with Annie and Clover that was all it took, and that was the beginning of their friendship without judging each other. Next, Clover and Annie sat on the fence with each other after they got to know each other. This is significant because, their friendship just wasn’t talking with each other but hanging out with each other. And becoming close friends instead of being friends that just talk to each other once in awhile. As the story continues, Clover’s mom doesn’t care that Clover is friends with Annie and is not mad or upset with it. This shows, that people are starting to stop judging each other and turning over a new leaf. And also, people are beginning to make bigger friend groups with other people with a different skin color. As you can see, Clover has made a new friend discarding their differences with each other and that is an example of to not judge a book by it’s
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