How To Kick The Habit Poem Analysis

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The English language is something special. It’s the crown to the queen, and the crops to a farmer, it’s so much more than just a language. For the speaker in the poem Kicking the Habit, the English language is superior, it has such a large impact on his life, he cannot separate from it. The impact the language has to the speaker is emphasized during stanzas 2 and 3, lines 4-11. “Talking all day, listening all day, thinking all day, reading all day, remembering all day, feeling all day, and even driving all day, in English.” The speaker is reminding the reader of the influence English has to his everyday life. All these things stated by the speaker are things regularly done by everybody, and he is trying to put into perspective that our lives are filled with…show more content…
So you might say I’m actually addicted to it;” (Stanza 9-10, Lines 28-40) At this point in the poem, it’s hard to understate how much a language with such a large amount of importance would be hard to separate from. The constant listings of what English means to the speaker constantly admonishes the reader, he really doesn’t want to separate from it. At the end of the poem, the speaker summarizes the English language into 3 words. “For on the road of life, in the code of life, there’s much more to red than ‘stop,’”(Stanza 27-29, Lines 84-87) Acceptance is something the speaker has to adapt to, he ends up accepting that the impact of English is so large of his life, he can’t separate from it. Then he continues on Stanza 30-34, lines 88-93. “There’s much more to green than ‘go,’ and there’s much, much more to yellow than ‘caution,’ for as the yellow sun clearly enunciated to me this morning.” By describing these words as such, the speaker is able to demonstrate to the reader, he is starting to understand what English really means to him. The fact that English language is so important to the speaker is something the speaker has come to an acceptance
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