How To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 1-14

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In chapter 11 through 15, afew things happen. Such as, Miss Dubose passes away after having Jem read to her for a month. In chapter 12, Calpurnia ends up taking Jem and Scout to the church attends, where we find out that she has children of her own, has a long history with the Finch’s, and is older then Atticus. During chapter 13, Aunt Alexandra ends up showing up at the Finch’s home, stating that she will stay so Scout can learn to be more ladylike. In the beginning of chapter 14, Dil returns to Maycomb after his new father chained him up to a radiator. Throughout chapter 15; Jem, Dill, and Scout; sneak out after Atticus has been away to the town for too long, they think he might be in trouble. -Summary for Ch. 16-20 (AT LEAST FOUR…show more content…
21-25 (AT LEAST FOUR SENTENCES): In chapter 21, Tom Robinson was found guilty by the jury. In chapter 22, after a night of rest from the trial, the Finch’s wake up to find that some people left food for them as a thank for Atticus’s attempt to protect Tom. In chapter 23, Mr.Ewell threatens to kill Atticus. In chapter 24, Scout joins Aunt Alexandra for one of her little get togethers with the ladies. In chapter 25, we sadly learn that Tom Robinson died in an attempt to escape prison. -Summary for Ch. 26-31 (AT LEAST FOUR SENTENCES): During the final chapters, things become intense in Maycomb. In chapter 26 Scout learns about Adolf Hitler and ask Atticus why her teacher hates Hitler for hating the jews, whenever she hates black people. In chapter 27, Scout gets put into a pagnet for Mrs. Merriweather, making her be a pork for one of the things that Maycomb is known for. In chapter 28, Scout and Jem were attacked on their way home, and Jem was knocked out, although he was carried home by an unknown man, and Bob Ewell was found dead underneath the large oak tree. In chapter 29, Scout told her side of the story about what happened, she also realized that the man who saved her and Jem was Arthur Radley, better known as Boo Radley. In chapter 30 and 31, we realize that Arthur Radley killed Bob Ewell while trying to defend Scout and
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